Willow River Studios | About Us
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Willow River Studios was spawned from a quest to find the highest quality gear to be used in our recording studio.
After considerable research and development, we perfected our own line of ribbon microphones that satisfied our demand for high quality and reasonable price.


We are nestled on a 17 acre plot of land in rural Wisconsin where each one of our ribbon microphones is 100% hand built.   At one point, we had grand plans to convert this picturesque barn into a fully functional recording studio.


In 2010, a tornado took care of that dream. The barn was leveled. Only the silo and foundation of the barn remain standing.


We have rescued as much of the precious barn wood as we possibly could.   We’re discovering that once planed down, even after 124 years, this wood reveals it’s inner beauty.



“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”


- Ralph Waldo Emerson

As we were researching the history of this property, we discovered that the land, and many acres surrounding it, was once owned by Ralph Waldo Emerson (purchased in 1856). Mr. Emerson often visited the Midwest as he traveled across the country.   On a quiet day, sitting on the banks of the beautiful Willow River that surrounds this land, one can imagine him sitting in the same spot, resting from his journeys and contemplating one of his future works.

Your Connection To History

While the supply lasts, we are crafting the cases for our ribbon microphones from the rescued barn wood.   In addition to owning a premium ribbon microphone, you will own a direct connection to America’s past.